It’s really weird how things are working out for me, i didnt really know what was going to happen. I know i feel completely out of control, scared, and annoyed. Mind over matter is a loud if bull shite, i dont like myself for what i have done to myself-dont know how to make it better

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holly willoughby is an attractive woman

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i would do anything to go back this this time. i was so carefree and at ease and gAHHH i woujsebehdbe

No, you don’t.

i want to see new and exciting things. jushehhndduahqyzg gah

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An “Artistic Response” To Life by Lee Crutchley | Quoteskine on Flickr.


I love this photo so much because it pretty much explains me; I either only lightly enter a thought/idea/conversation, or I go all out and explore just about every aspect and though I could possible have about it

This is me